• Stormi Maya

My Natural Hair

I grew up ashamed of my natural hair (this is my hair❤️) Black women have to be taught to love their natural skin color and hair texture, Because they have the media and the world telling them that their natural features are ugly throughout history . I stopped wearing the blonde hair because it caused damage, I stop straightening my hair because of the damage and I shaved my head last year. And in only a year my Afro grew and was super healthy , For a whole year I didn’t put any chemicals or any heat on my hair and for the first time in my life , I’ve seen my natural texture. People don’t understand how important hair is with our identity and culture. People don’t understand how much hair and our skin affect our self-esteem and Identity. When I started loving my natural hair, it made me feel so good about myself. I used to hide it. If my hair wasn’t straight and or if I didn’t have a weave in , I had to hide it under a scarf. If you asked me two years ago if I’d be wearing an Afro or my natural hair I would say hell no. I remember photographers asking to shoot my natural hair, and I would freak out. I hated my hair so much. I was so ashamed of it. And this is very common with women with kinky, nappy, and super curly hair like mine. It’s not just hair . It’s my culture, it’s my ancestors 📸 @vdverasor 👗 @_pantyplatter

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