• Stormi Maya

Story Time . (Mixed Race girl with Black Pride )

When I was growing up I knew I was different . I was mixed race. And even though it’s common , it’s not super common everywhere . I never chose sides . I grew up in Latino /Black neighborhoods and I always felt close to everyone . But I occasionally had run ins with racist and people who didn’t like my background . Anyway , I always was cool with everyone- black friends ,white , Asian I didn’t care . But once I entered Middle school and high school people started attacking my race . Black kids always shut down my blackness - constantly calling me “white girl” in an insulting way and saying things like “you’re not black you’re nothing “ I remember til this day the girl Stephanie that said that to me in English class (11th grade) . I mostly went to school with kids from Haiti and Africa and they said “in my country , you’d never be considered black only white” . It hurt a lot because it was a group I identified with and I felt rejected . But the white kids didn’t see me as white . Only mixedkids/Latinos accepted me which is why I’m mostly friends with mixed race Latino/afrolatinos typically even to this day. So anyways I eventually stopped even claiming that I was black -I’d just say mixed . Then I got hit with the “you’re denying your blackness” . So can’t win right ? Wearing blonde hair meant I wanted to be white and wearing a fro means I’m “wearing black face and profiting off black culture” even though this is my natural hair . It’s funny how @amaralanegraaln gets hate for being a black woman who is also Latina and people in 2018 still don’t understand race and ethnicity . People accept Obama as black but Mariah Carey is the same mix and people don’t like calling her black . Basically I’m not super race focused I’m race annoyed . Because the same people you’re trying to uplift and unity with and denying you and bashing you while you face the same struggles and history they did . As a mixed person you face oppression from multiple sides . Discrimination from every part of you . I’m a mixed girl with nappy ass hair , I don’t have long wet and wavy locks . So I get told I don’t have “that good hair” . #mixedrace

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